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Our Benefit Projects

Rotary Club: Due to these troubling times, many students in Sri Lanka have given up on their education in favor of working manual labor jobs to help their families. This project aims to raise funds in order to help encourage and inspire students in rural Sri Lanka to continue pursuing their education and their passion.

Preserving Tamil Dialect: Tamil is spoken in many places of the world, and each area has its own unique dialect. Over time, many dialects have been forgotten and are fading away. We decided to interview members of our Tamil community to hear about how they preserve their dialect and their opinions on this subject.

Youth Entrepreneurship Competition: The northern providence of Sri Lanka has been facing poverty for a long time, one of the main reasons is because of the lack of opportunity. The best way to open more opportunities is to tailor a progressive economy that can accommodate more jobs. We plan to nurture the next generation of CEO's in Sri Lanka. This is by encouraging young entrepreneurs and innovators to create and pursue new avenues of their mind! 

Donate to any of these projects by clicking the button below:

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