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Payment / Donations

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2023 Participation Fees

Paid per family


Participation Fee:

$15 for the first participant in a family
 for two participants in the same family
3rd and more participants will be free*


Buy Iyal Isai Natyam 2023 Tickets

$10 Admission (Includes Dinner)

6 & under is free

Red Chairs

Volleyball Tournament

Player Fee (includes dinner)- $15

Non-Player Fee (includes dinner)- $10

Pay for player or dinner fees here. Payment will be spent directly towards the SAAAC project. Event held on Sunday, July 23th 3PM at Remington Sports Complex.

Any amount donated is welcome and greatly appreciated! Your donations will be used to fund our current and future endeavors! 

Contact us for more specifics about how your donations will be used! 

Donating Money
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